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    Advertising Locally on the Net

Have small community based businesses been overlooked by the World Wide Web? As the Online population increases, well established small businesses that don't need a world wide audience are left in a vacuum.  

GoLocalnet = opportunities for neighborhood businesses to establish "Web Presence" for customers in their local area.  

The Web is  growing rapidly.  There are between 41 million  and 62 million US adults online. New niche opportunities are emerging daily.  Small Businesses advertise in local papers, Church bulletins, and flyers on utility poles.  Now there is an avenue for local advertising for your neighborhood based business on the World Wide Web. 

Consider this: You have a small business such as a Carry Out Pizza or a Shoe Repair catering to a small geographic area. It is worth it to spend thousands of dollars to have a presence on the web? Is it worth a few hundred dollars? 

  • The online population in your area would love to see your business accessible online. 
  • They look for your ads in newspapers don't they? 
  • Are middle-aged adults using the Internet  for research and keeping up with the latest news. The answer is yes. 
  • If Web Users spend at least five hours a week online today, how much time will be spent online in the future? 

What's it all mean? GoLocalnet is interested in providing promotion opportunities for specialized, niche, "boutique" Web sites. Sites that cater to specific needs and desires, in a local area. 

Sponsorship = Leads

As  you think about how to benefit  on the burgeoning Web community, GoLocalnet provides a way to" get narrow". Providing avenues for targeting to the ever growing Web Community, in your community.
  Internet advertising and the small neighborhood business. 

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