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Non-Resident Drivers

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Driving in Other States FAQ


We have received many inquiries about driving in other states when only having a permit or when visiting from another country. Here are the general rules and answers these FAQ

Driving with an Out-of-State Permits and Junior Licenses

Out of state learner permit holders, as well as driver license holders under age 18, are subject to both the restrictions on their home state permits or licenses and the restrictions which apply to state permit holders and junior operators. This is called Reciprocity

Even if there are no restrictions on the driver in his or her home state, the state you are in restrictions' still apply.

No driver under legal age may drive in under any circumstances, even if he or she holds a valid license or permit from another jurisdiction.

Some states may restrict learner permits to in-state operation only, in which case the permit is not valid at all for driving in the state you are visiting..

Check with the state which issued the permit.

Select the State you are visiting.




Please note that while the out-of-state permit of a nonresident may be honored in for driving, most states do not accept out-of-state permits in exchange for a learner's permit.

A permit holder from another state who becomes a resident must apply for a permit/license , take all tests, prelicensing courses and pay all fees for the new state.

Drivers From Other Nations

Non-US Residient Applicants.

International Driving Permit.

There are certain unacceptable out-of-state license documents

Where can I find a Drivers Manual in a foreign language.



If your State has an Offical Site it is listed here.



You can click on the safety tips for more information.


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